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Archaeological Project Management:

·          Archaeological Impact Assessments

·          Developing Mitigation Strategies

Non-intrusive Survey Services:

·          Field-walking Survey: involves the systematic examination of ploughed fields searching for archaeology and material culture finds.

·          Topographical and Earthwork Survey provides accurate plan or map and reports on the condition of the landscape.

·          Photographic Survey

Field Services includes:

·          Test Trenching: involves opening trenches covering a sample of the surface area of the site to find out what if any remains are present.

·          Monitoring Brief: this is where an archaeologist monitors ground-works to identify and examine any archaeological finds.

·          Excavation

Post-Excavation Services:

·          Artefact Identification and Analysis

·          Conservation

·          Reports



JP Nunan is cited & referenced in, "Mr. Gookin out of Ireland, wholly upon his owne adventure": An archaeological study of intercolonial and transatlantic connections in the seventeenth centuryby Pecoraro, Luke Joseph, Ph.D., BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 2015

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