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Built Heritage Services include:

·        Historic Building Assessments: is often required before planning permission to ensure that the historic nature of a building is dealt with sensitively or to ensure that a record is made before modifications.

Heritage Management Services include:

·        Heritage Consultancy Services

·        Heritage Site and Project Management

·        Desk-Based Assessments: these are often required as first stages of a planning application. They bring together the known heritage information to make an informed assessment of what could be encountered on a given site.

Historic Landscape Services include:

·        Monument Condition Surveys: provides a survey and report on the actual condition of a given site so that any changes would be monitored.



JP Nunan is cited & referenced in, "Mr. Gookin out of Ireland, wholly upon his owne adventure": An archaeological study of intercolonial and transatlantic connections in the seventeenth centuryby Pecoraro, Luke Joseph, Ph.D., BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 2015

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