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JP Nunan Archaeology

JP Nunan Archaeology

Archaeological Contract Practitioner 

JP Nunan Archaeology


Archaeological Contract Practitioner 

JP Nunan Archaeology

JP Nunan Archaeology

Archaeological Contract Practitioner 

JP Nunan BBS BA Pdips MA Mphil ACIfA

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Plantation Munster

JP Nunan Plantation Munster

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Blackwater~Archaeology Research offer seminar presentations to interested groups, societies and schools. This is a civic, local and educational service provided to highlight the benefits of archaeology, heritage and history within our region. See our ‘Public Outreach Series’.

This bibliography has been prepared as an aid to those engaged in research on the archaeological and architectural heritage of Cork City and County.
The preparation of this bibliography was funded by:

Cork city council
Cork co co
Heritage forum Cork county
Heritage council Ireland

The Published and Upublished Sources section contains lists of published and unpublished documentary sources relating to the archaeological and architectural heritage of Cork City and County. Within each of these sections the material has been further subdivided under the following headings:

• Archaeology-deals with archaeological monuments and excavations in the relevant area.

• Architectural heritage-deals with architecture and conservation issues. For the sake of convenience the structures included in this section are generally post 1700AD in date.

• Other Useful Sources-sources not easily categorised as either ‘archaeological’ or ‘architectural’ in nature but may contain useful contextual information for researchers in both fields. It also contains some relevant unpublished academic theses.

Also included here are a list of useful local history publications which help to outline the social and historic context of the city and county.

 From: A Guide to Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Sources in Cork City & County.

J.P. Nunan Archaeology sourced under Archaeology &  Architectural heritage: Located in the Published and Upublished Sources of the above Guide


JP Nunan Blackwater~Archaeology

Blackwater~Archaeology engage in both research and educational archaeology that help explain Irelands international, national, and regional archaeological, ethnological and cultural heritage. Blackwater~Archaeology conduct field and laboratory research projects associated with the province of Munster. Blackwater~Archaeology focus on archival research and the analysis of cultural landscapes, as well as, architectural survey, excavation, and presentations. 

joe nunan archaeology

nra- archaeology

JP Nunan Blackwater~Archaeology

Excavation on the N18 (M18) 

Discoveries along the N18 (M18) - NRA Archaeology Magazine 'Seanda'

Clare Museum: An exhibition of M18 artefacts
NRA Monograph publication 2011 now in press

Seanda NRA Archaeology Magazine
Fragments and furnaces: P 46

Correction on JP Nunan Podcast: The first slitting mill constructed and working in the English Midlands (not Englandc.1623.

The earliest slitting mill, was introduced from what is now Belgium to England c.1580s.


Current Research Topics

Archaeology Reports

Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs)

The Fortified Houses of Cork County Information Sheet

The Plantation/Fortified Irish House in Munster

The Irish Seventeenth Century Fortified/Plantation House

N18 Gort to Crusheen Road Scheme: Sranagalloon 2.

Joe Nunan Archaeology

joe nunan archaeology

The East India Company
east india iron and wood Ireland 1610
on the Bandon River

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An economic identity of AngloNorman towns in Cork
By Angela FitzGerald
Maurice FitzGerald from Expugnatio Hibernica: an account of the 1169 invasion of Ireland

A tribute to a colleague: Emmett Connolly


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