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Plantation Period House Sites


A drawing plan of Mountlong Fortified House


A drawing plan of Kilmaclenine Fortified House

Plantation Munster & the New World

Ralph Lane Roanoke Colony

Ralph Lane: Raleigh's Roanoke Colony

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This site and its aims
The main purpose of this site is to explore the archaeology of plantation Munster settlement and landscape within selected areas of county Cork, and to examine the role of the Gaelic, Old English and New English within the wider context of regional interchange in the early modern period. To this end, its core methodology attempts to identify settlements, settlement types and settler activity resulting from plantation within the Blackwater, Bride, Lee and Bandon River valleys region of county Cork, and in selected area of western county Cork. It also seeks to identify elements that created environments which either sustained or, as the case may be, stymied plantation-era settlement. A multidisciplinary approach, with emphasis on the utilisation of primary and secondary written sources to inform a program of archaeological fieldwork, undertaken in order to piece together, as comprehensively as possible, a picture of the complex nature of plantation-era settlement in specific parts of Munster from 1580 to 1641.