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Kilmaclenine Fortified House

OS 24:3:6; OD 340-410ft. North county Cork. 
Kilmaclenine fortified house is situated in a derelict farmyard. It is overlooked by a large limestone ridge which was once the site of a deserted rural borough and an earlier castle.  The house is a two storey cruciform building. The main block (22m east-west and 11m north-south) is missing its east gable, while the east end of the north wall has fallen and the middle section of the east end of the south wall has collapsed. A south projection wing (5m north-south and 6m east-west) contains the entrance door. The main block had a basement which is now rubble strewn and largely over grown and was lit by two single light windows in the north and south walls. There is a doorway in south wall of the south wing. There are rectangular light division by mullion and transom, with hood-moulding on each floor, however, many are blocked with rubble stone. Defence was provided for with the inclusion of many gun loops in the projecting walls and under the windows at first floor level. The main ground floor chamber is lit by three identical windows on its south wall, each with rectangular lights divided by two mullions and a transom. These divisions are now all missing. The hood-moulding survive over many of the windows. There are the remains of a poorly preserved fireplace and a window in the west wall and another ruined fireplace in the centre of the north wall. The floors were wooden carried by joist holes in the wall. The first-floor level of the main block has a door in the south wall leading into the south wing. A fireplace and a small window in the west wall are masked with ivy. The first floor in the south wing is lit by a window in the east wall. This window is rectangular with a hood-moulding and is blocked. Externally there is a continuous string course between the ground and first floor level and a string course at eaves level on the east and west walls of the south wing. The house was probably built by the Barrys (Power et al. 2000) and it is very similar in style to Ightermurragh in east Cork, suggesting a construction date c.1641.


Field Walking Photography

Fortified2/kilmaclenine74joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine73joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine72joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine71joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine1joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine70joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine69joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine68joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine67joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine66joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine65joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine64joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine63joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine62joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine61joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine60joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine59joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine58joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine57joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine56joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine55joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine54joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine53joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine52joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine51joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine50joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine49joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine48joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine47joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine46joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine45joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine44joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine43joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine42joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine41joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine40joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine39joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine38joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine37joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine36joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine35joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine34joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine33joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine32joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine31joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine30joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine29joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine28joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine27joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine26joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine25joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine24joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine23joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine22joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine21joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine20joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine19joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine18joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine17joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine16joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine15joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine14joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine13joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine12joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine11joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine10joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine9joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine8joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine7joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine6joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine5joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine4joenunan.JPG
Fortified2/kilmaclenine3joenunan.JPG Fortified2/kilmaclenine2joenunan.JPG

Fortified House Locations: North Cork distribution map